Our ODC Model

The ODC model aims at creating long term substantial business and commercial advantages to the clients. Under this model a dedicated team of professionals are created to form a team as per the need of the projects. The composition of the team can change during the course of the project as per the different stages. The model works as an extension of the client’s own development team allowing them full transparency and control on the team. The model allows the client to achieve long-term benefits as the knowledge base in the team working continuously on the project ensures in optimizing the efforts. The team adheres to client’s business goals, product development practices, processes and communication.

Such a model is perfect for Product Development Companies whereby it allows them to ensure that the team within their ODC is continuously upgrading themselves to market requirement and effectively addressing critical business issues and allowing the clients to reduce the time-to-market.

Our Offshore Development Center models are cost-effective, efficient, transparent, and flexible. We offer our clients to quickly ramp up their team’s capability by having a Dedicated Offshore Team in our Offshore Development Center by allowing them an access to a huge pool of our talented resources.

Who should be looking for Dedicated Team?

  1. Software Product Companies who wish to concentrate more on their overall Go-to market strategy and reduce the pressures of time-to market should look to setup teams dedicated to build their product with a long term perspective of research, design, develop, enhance, support and maintain the product.
  2. Independent Software Vendors/ Software Development House seeking Dedicated Teams to quickly ramp up resources on their projects
  3. End Client’s having their IT Department looking to augment their development capability
  4. Suited for Small & medium Web development companies, IT Product companies, Start-ups, enterprises with limited budgets.
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How to set up a dedicated team?

  1. Since it would be absolutely imperative to get the right Offshore Dedicate Development Team for you, we ensure that the requirements of the resources are clearly specified.
  2. Upon getting a requirement we draft a resource’s profile and shortlist a matching resumes from our skilled resource pool. These resumes are sent across to you to suggest any feedback/ changes in the resource and/ or process with the final interview and selection of resource for your dedicated development center.
  3. A typical dedicated team engagement can be from 1 month to 12 months and beyond having 1 resource to 20 resources and above.
  4. Full time Billing rate for 200 hrs / month are quoted to you with every profile type. The billing is done advance one and then on it is either semi-monthly or monthly depending upon the resourcing.
  5. Once an agreement is reach on the resources and the service level agreement Onsite to Offshore we initiate the project with the first step on Knowledge Transition. The main goal for this phase is to understand the system requirements, business processes, costing standards, code and/ or functionality of any existing system, development environment requirement as well as the development approach to be used.
  6. Based on this the process are tailored and defined for the team based on the client specific needs. The communication protocols including the reporting mechanism are also defined. Further the required development environment is replicated at our offshore development center.
  7. Commence the execution of the project according to the specification and project plan for the contract period.
  8. We also have periodic review of the project deliverables and identify the areas where improvement/ changes would be required.