Work Culture

Work culture Pithad

Work Culture at Pithad can be described very simply in 3 words as exciting, young and direct.

  1. Exciting signifies the myriad opportunities and challenges which are offered to the Pithad fraternity as ladders to unprecedented professional and personal growth. It symbolises :

    • The freedom to explore any technology frontier/stack/mix to overcome any current or upcoming challenge
    • The entrepreneurial space to take technology, architectural and also business decisions to facilitate and ensure customer satisfaction and delight
    • The core work ethic of augmenting professional knowledge of employees by allowing exploration and implementation of new technology frontiers/frameworks at will
    • The absolute freedom to suggest and avail external and internal training programs for personal and professional growth
    • The opportunity to work on the latest frameworks and technologies that are offered by the cutting edge projects mix that Pithad as an organization caters to
    • The platform to showcase and groom your personal talents through the “Fun Calendar” at Pithad
    • The promise of exposure to the entire SDLC Cycle with a rigorous process orientation
  2. Young signifies the very spirit of Pithad. Pithad is a young organization created by a team of exciting and young entrepreneurs. It symbolises :

    • The unique opportunity to be a part of a high adrenaline and perennially exciting environment
    • The platform to explore and implement the latest and cutting edge technology frameworks and stacks
    • The flexibility in the structure to accommodate , nurture and mature different individuals with varied skill sets with options to don technical , commercial and techno-commercial roles depending on skill sets , inclination and opportunity
    • The quick insight needed to implement important decisions with immediate effect
  3. Direct signifies the most important aspect of the work culture at Pithad. It symbolises :

    • The unique opportunity to voice your opinion/suggestions to the top echelons of the management at any point
    • The flexibility inherent in operations and processes to accommodate for employee comfort and ease of operations.
    • Quick Fire Decision Making and Implementation
    • Deep Employee Participation and Accommodation of all Employee Suggestions at all important decision points