Software As Service

Software as a Service

Software as a service (SaaS) or Hosted Application is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted to provide services to multiple customers through the Internet. SaaS eliminates the need to download and install software locally to run own computer. This has lead to increasing popularity of its ability to deploy software and reduce the cost to distribute and/ or acquire the software. It also allows you to support multiple customers, version releases, software maintenance, and enhancements from a single version of the software.

Pithad expertise in delivering custom built SaaS solution for its customer in all the web based technologies using technologies like Web services, service-oriented architecture (SOA), Ajax etc and mature and new development approaches to deliver SaaS.

Pithad’s SaaS benefits:

  • Reduction in development cost due to better management of services from offshore location
  • 24*6 Technical and Customer support
  • Low procurement cost as the licensing cost are reduced
  • Rapid development and deployment mechanism
  • Reducing in the time to market

Pithad has delivered SaaS solution for the following verticals

  • CRM
  • Healthcare
  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Content Management System