Web Development Service

Web Development Service

Pithad offers you a complete web design and redesign package that we've fine-tuned over several years of working with customers just like you. We study clients website design needs and we help not only in providing a solution catered to the clients exact needs but also provide valuable inputs as to the enhancements of the work at hand based on our years of expertise in the field besides providing top notch standard of quality that our customers have become accustomed to.

Among the services, we provide:

  • Custom Web Design & Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Site Design & Web Development
  • Logo Design and Corporate Identity Design
  • Software Box & Package Design
  • HTML services
  • Template Customization
  • Shopping Cart Integration

Complete pre-project analysis, including assessments of web design and your website redesign needs, website programming, database, special software, web hosting and website maintenance issues. In short, we ask you questions, listen to your answers and discuss all the options with you.

High quality website design, including all coding and graphic design work, from the ground up. We utilize the finest imaging tools to ensure your end product is not only functional, but also beautiful. These include Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready and Illustrator, as well as Corel Draw and Macromedia Flash.

In-depth backend programming, including database work, animations, e-commerce requirements and more. We work with Apache SSI's, CGI, C/C++, CSS, DHTML, clean code HTML, XML.XSL(T), JavaScript, Java Applets and Servlets, JSP, PHP (including PHPLib), Perl, PosgreSQL/MySQL, POSIX, and Flash animation - to name but a few.

Cross functionality is not just a buzzword. We ensure that all website design by Pithad works on every browser, on every platform, whether you use Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS/2, Linux, Novell Netware, SCO Open Server, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP.

Our Quality Assurance program takes our pledge of cross-functionality web design to the next level, as we finalize graphic design, integrate content, and perform ongoing browser, platform and content checks. The idea is to try to break the website, so we can eliminate bugs and find glitches before they become glitches. It's important that your website doesn't just work for most people, it should work for everyone who visits the site.

Ongoing website maintenance does not have to be your job. We can take the wheel for you and ensure your website not only looks great, but that it runs well too. We look after several of our clients’ websites on a daily basis, ensuring uptime, upgrades, continually changing content and high traffic.

Your web presence doesn't have to be a minefield. With Pithad, we aim to keep things simple while bringing you a complex web design product that will see your company to the next level of online business success. It is not a pipe dream. It is Pithad. Contact us now and find out how we can help.

Web Re-engineering:

Pithad provides multitude of services for many organizations that have already accepted online medium of conducting business, it is time to refocus their strategies and image by means of web site re-engineering. Whether it's improving their online presence, developing a new web site for their offline brand image or staying one step ahead of their competitors, the key to surviving in this ever evolving IT is continuous improvement and implementing new and innovative standards.

Pithad Team is comprised of experienced Website Re-Engineering resources, Business improvement and Internet Marketing resources that together with culmination of years of experience are ready to take your brand/business forward to face the challenges into the next decade. At Pithad we make it our goal to ensure that we create online accomplishments for business and brands by assuring that their Websites have the vision, visibility and usability required to capture the target consumer market.

Website Re-Engineering Offerings:

  • Re-Engineer Existing Websites
  • Entire Site Makeovers
  • Facelift Site UI
  • Quality Control implemented into Existing Websites
  • Content Re-Writing
  • Conversion from HTML to Div Tags
  • Migration of Websites (ASP to ASP.NET)
  • Support and Maintenance of Websites
  • Adding Functionality to Existing Sites
  • Adding Back-End Modules
  • Re-Branding & Re-Strategizing Corporate Image.